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Behind the Artist

Mission Statement:

To live an authentic life and create true connections along the way.


My passion in life has always been to create and make people happy. 

After 17 years of experience in the hair industry, I've learned that people are looking for more than just a good hair. People want an EXPERIENCE. This is what I aim for.  It can take time to forge trusting relationships with clients and once you have someone's trust, you never want to loose it. When someone comes to visit me at the salon for the first time, a great consultation is key. We talk about expectations, lifestyle, end goals and we come to a shared reality of what is attainable for their hair. Through this important process we set ourselves up for success on their hair journey. 

Specialties Include:

           *Balayage/Blonding - Hand painted custom highlighting

           *Bridal hairstyles - On-location bridal hairstyling services

If you would like more information or have inquiries regarding possible on-location wedding services, please email me at

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